Connecting College Students with Maketing Professionals

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When I relocated to the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina in 2012, I did not know anyone here except for my husband. However, I knew from my prior experience in Houston that the best way to build a network of contacts and search for a job was to volunteer. In August 2012, I attended the […]

KISS: Keep Your Content Simple

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(Originally published on – April 2012)  The KISS principle – have you heard this one before? KISS stands for “Keep it simple, stupid.” With all the acronyms you encounter daily, it’s the one that many folks in the corporate world (and yes, even in the marketing department) tend to forget. An external marketing piece that […]

Recovering from a social media mishap


(Originally published on – October 2012) Until last week’s the 2012 Presidential Debate, I had not taken to Twitter during a live, nationally televised event. I was thoroughly amused by the tweets and re-tweets (RT) throughout the debate. But one RT by @mashable stopped me in my tracks: Of the more than 10 million tweets that went […]

Hit or Miss Ad Review: Reeses Peanut Butter Cups


(Originally posted on – October 2012) In the spirit of the holiday, I selected a Halloween themed ad this week. (A little predictable, I know.) Over the years, I’ve enjoyed the Reeses Peanut Butter Cups commercials. Reeses (a brand owned by Hershey’s) uses VML as their digital ad agency to produce their simple, clever […]

Hit or Miss Ad Review: Nissan Altima

(Originally posted on – October 2012) Tis the season of rolling out the 2013 models by every car maker imaginable, which accounts for why we’re inundated with TV and digital ads. These fill in the gaps for all the election ads, right? This week, I’ve selected a humorous ad for the 2013 Nissan Altima. […]

Catching the virus

Facebook post on Bodyform page

(Originally posted on – October 2012) You may or may not have seen this water cooler chat from related to a post by Richard Neill on Bodyform’s Facebook page.   I chuckled while reading Richard’s witty and sarcastic rant because he hit the nail on the head. All the feminine hygiene ads I’ve encountered […]

Hit or Miss Ad Review: Samsung Galaxy S III

(Originally posted on – October 2012) Last week I critiqued one of the ads in the iPhone 5 campaign. As a follow up, my pick this week is in the smartphone category. Samsung Galaxy S III – The Next Big Thing Samsung Galaxy S III – The Next Big Thing, NYC From a marketing […]

Hit or Miss Ad Review: iPhone 5 Ears

(Originally posted on – October 2012) One of the many reasons I watch the Super Bowl every year is for the ads, since I generally have no preference which team wins. But I pay attention to TV ads the rest of the year as well. Between the new fall season of shows, college football […]

Don’t wait for permission—pick yourself


(Originally posted on – October 2012) For those who have ever been in search of a job, it can be a stressful experience.  Those who have can identify with this scenario: Catch the recruiter or hiring manager’s attention with your cover letter and resume to be selected for a first-round interview. Should you obtain […]

Cartier vs Dollar Shave Club

(Originally posted on – April 2012) For the second time now, I have seen the full three-minute television commercial for Cartier. I’m not sure if Cartier bought time anywhere other than NBC, but the two times I’ve seen this commercial, it was on this network – once during a recent episode of The Apprentice […]